Please support the important work of the Animal Humane Society.

The Animal Humane Society has been an important part of my life for more than 20 years. I chose AHS because every dog and cat I’ve ever had growing up came from there with the exception of one.

For example, Samson was a German Shepard who was rejected by the police academy for being too nice. He was the smartest dog I’ve ever known and his favorite treats were peanuts.

Venus is the Siamese mix cat. She’s got a tiny delicate bone structure, but sounds like an elephant when she runs. She also puts up with me dressing her up in doll clothes when I was younger.

And Barney, a newfoundland/lab mix, came with his name, a bright pink ball, and epilepsy, which was easily treated with medication. He was great at playing catch, and when we’d give him a choice, he would always pick a bright pink ball. That led to us joke that neon pink was his favorite color.

It was always a huge family event when I was growing up to pick out an animal that needed a home. This was as good, if not better, than Christmas. Picking out our pets were some of my favorite childhood memories, and now I take my children to AHS to continue the tradition.

Not only does The Animal Humane Society give surrendered animals and strays a second chance at a home, but they do so much more. They offer training and education classes provide free collars and tage for all adopted pets, offer summer camps and fieldtrips for kids, low cost spay/neuter programs and community events, like the Walk for Animals.

These are a few of the reasons I support the Animal Humane Society. It is such an exciting opportunity to fundraise for them at to have a chance to help them to continue to do the important work of helping animals and the community. I would really love your support for The Animal Humane Society.

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